Trusses bring virtually unlimited architectural versatility, providing simple solutions to complex designs and unusual conditions without inhibiting building design freedom. Using trusses, you have complete flexibility in interior room arrangements, too. Trusses are an engineered and tested product. There are nationally recognized standards for truss design and manufacturing of metal plate connected wood trusses. These standards have been adopted by major model building codes. This ensures a quality product. We are committed to providing the highest quality, cost efficient structural products for your clients.

Trusses go up faster and easier, with less skilled labor requirements, no matter how complicated the roof or ceiling is. Trusses put you under roof faster, which helps in drawing construction loans. The use of preassembled components generates less waste at the jobsite. This improves safety and reduces cleanup costs. On-site losses from mis-cutting, theft and damage are virtually eliminated. Trusses are built in a computer-aided manufacturing environment to assure accuracy and quality. Trusses are lightweight and easy to install, requiring only normal construction tools. Trusses provide clear spans so interior walls can be moved easily during remodeling or when making additions. It is very economical to remodel homes with trusses, versus frame houses.

Products & Services

  • Prefabricated Buildings Works
  • Pipe Truss Construction Works
  • Turbovent Fixing Works

PVC & Metal Gutter Fixing Works

  • Roofing Shed Works
  • Car Shed
  • M .S Fabrication Works
  • Car Sheds for Commercial Use
  • Sliding Gate
  • Rolling Shutters for Warehouses
  • Prefabricated Factory Shed
  • Storage Mezzanine